Neighbors Go Analysis

At first glance this page does not appeal to me at all. Sorry but it doesn’t. The overall look of the page doesn’t flow and the colors are not a flattering combination. After clicking on the Neighbors Go features, I scrolled down and the only thing that caught my eye was the story about the 12-year-old app inventor. All the other feature stories were not appealing or at least the headlines did nothing to make me want to click on the stories at all.  Exploring the site I saw options for the area I live and frolic in which is the Dallas Knox/Henderson area and opted for “all” and “everything” in the interest and show me sections.  I was surprised to see Halloween 2010 as the title of the page that was shown.  Over a week later and still Halloween 2010? Really? Thanksgiving would probably be a more appropriate and relevant subject.  Also in the interest section was the State Fair option.  So just for interest sake I looked up state fair and this is what came up.

Today’s word from Joel and Victoria? Bible verses and the state fair? Hmmm. It was only when I scrolled down that I saw a photos section where a small picture of  the ferris wheel was visible. The content of this site definitely needs to improve and it wouldn’t hurt to try to make things more relevant and timesensative.

Also where is all the multimedia?  In the “show me” section I chose everything but no actual photos or videos were visible on the page. It was only when I looked at the post here section that I saw text that said view photos and view videos.  It would be beneficial to make this a section of its own where readers can go directly to multimedia viewing only if they wish to.

Overall this site is too much work to navigate and as an online reader I would get uninterested very quickly and move on to another site

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