News website of the Day Coral Gables Gazzette

The Coral Gables Gazzete is a local publication that was founded in 1996. It is in circulation in order to keep the residents of South Miami, Coral Gable, Pinecrest, Coconut Grove and Brickell  aware of weekly news that is happening in the area. 

At first glance the site is not very appealing the home page is very text-based. The only pictures on the website  are included in he ads on the side and the one small picture on the first news story.

After exploring the site a little more I found that the majority of these stories were text-based and had no pictures or video to accompany the text, making it less appealing to the reader.  The content of the website is not updated regularly. The top story on the site was posted on November 17th making it almost a week old. 

I tried to go to every section that the website offered but two of the sections, the community and classifieds, lead me to see that the link was broken and the information could not be seen.  This is one thing that all websites should strive not to have.  But for a news website it is extremely important because no one wants to get their news from an organization that can’t even produce a functioning website.

As for multimedia there is none. I could not find a single video on this site. A photo gallery was also not available to be found.   The few pictures that I did find attached to a minimal number of stories seemed to be pictures that were googled and not actually taken by the person who actually wrote the article. 

Social Media is a new key aspect to online journalism and many news organization have embraced the power of a social media network.  The Coral Gables Gazzette does have a Facebook page however only 6 people actually “like” the page. 

Overall the Coral Gables Gazzette needs a lot of work from the overall design of the page to the content. In order to attract more readers I suggest that they put some engaging content that is relevant to the reader and the what they would want to read about.  Engage them and get their opinions by adding some polls or allowing them to upload community photos and videos. By doing so the traffic to this site should improve.

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