In Class Writing

News Article vs. News Blog

In writing for the web there are some major differences between articles and blogs.  News articles for instance have a lot of factual information and an usually do not have a lot of quotes that can be relevant to the story. However in a blog, the blogger seems to create a repour  with the reader. While both news articles and blogs both tend to be converstational, reading a blog is more like reading a personal journal or events that happened rather than just a news story. Blogs also tend to have more pictures and multimedia than the typical online news article.

I found a good example of a news article and news blog on the USA Today website that fits these differences. I first read Jets owner apologizes to female TV reporter for treatment at practice by Michael McCarthy. I then found a link to blog on The Huddle, which is USA Today’s Sports blog by Sean Leahy.

After reading the news article I was left confused as to what really had happened and why I hadn’t found the answer after reading the first sentence.  McCarthy’s article was full of facts had links throughout the story incase I had an interest in leaving the site and exploring some different aspects of the story. I counted 22 links all branching off from this one story to all of these other sites. One thing I did like was the fact that the blog is on the left hand side of this article.  It was very visible and I was able to easily find a corresponding blog.  One thing I think the article did lack was pictures and multimedia. While it did include a few quotes it would have been beneficial to have some sort of visual instead of just copy.

The blog however was much shorter than the news article and I found that I new more after reading this than I did when I was done with the article.  Leahy included a photo of the featured reporter involved in the story and it was fairly close to the top of the page with a caption that included a description.  But compared to some of his other post in this blog it is one of the few that does include a picture.  Leahy also included three links in this blog. One of which linked back to the home page and one that link to a later blog that included an audio piece in bedded in the copy from an outside source.  The third linked to the news article that I had read previously.  A comments section was available as well as a recommend section.  The comment section is a key part of the blog it is fast and interactive and it allows the readers to voice their own opinions on the story within the blogosphere community.

Overall if I had to choose between the article and the blog I would definitely gravitate toward the blog first.  Reason being I liked that I did not have to scroll down more than once, the font was much larger and easier to read and the use of a picture was also important. I felt like I saw what the article was about not just read what it was about.


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